We Care About Our Quality of Care!

A Great Care Experience

At Boomerang, we care about the quality of care. Before we launched Boomerang, we asked potential clients, the community and ourselves “what would make a great care experience?”

We kept coming back again and again to the word ‘efficiency’.

We talked about quality of care, ensuring we were client-centred and enabling the care team (by providing everything they would need, including time).  Each and every discussion, we came back to ‘efficiency’.

Because this is the key.  The more efficiently we can work, the better experience we can provide for our clients.


So, the next stage in this idea generation was…”HOW”.

To understand how, we broke down a carer’s day.  The preparation, the travel, the client experience, family interaction and feedback, paperwork, compliance, safety, PPE… our whiteboard was full!

We discussed our corporate values and everything we want our clients to feel when they have had a visit from a carer.  Whether that visit was Palliative CareTherapies at Home or Respite care…the more efficient we could be, was the key to everything.

Once launched, we took this concept and invested in the latest technology and systems to run a paperless system.  Our carers have everything they need to be fully prepared for our clients.  Removing the time for completing forms and ticking boxes means we can spend more quality time with our clients.  Not more clients, quality time with clients.  This was extremely important to us.  This was a requirement fed back to us, pre-launch of Boomerang.

From past experiences, families had been very concerned about the quick visit approach and the likelihood that mistakes could be made with this time-poor pressure.

With this in mind we implemented an optional Family App.  This real-time solution allows family/friends/relatives to monitor and manage care of their loved ones remotely.

Instant access to the information you need.

Our scheduling system also allows us to instantly match our client’s care requirements with a member of the Boomerang team, based on availability, qualifications, skills and equipment.

Less paperwork, accurate administration, time rich visits, total quality and happy clients…thank you efficiency!


Our management team are available to offer support and guide you through the options available. So if you are considering home care, please Contact Us today to arrange an informal discussion. Or visit our Facebook Page.