Our Values

Our 10 key values are at the heart of how our company is run and how our care staff operate. 

We aim to deliver the highest level of care service to our service user's and believe our values will ensure we meet those standards.

Our key values are:



From the outset we request complete loyalty towards our business, our service users, their families and our colleagues.



Our business and our colleagues must be adaptable to suit the ever-changing needs of our service users, our clients, those that commission our services and each other.



Our business can only succeed if we work as a TEAM. Our Team includes the collaboration with our service users, our clients, the commissioners of our services and other health and social care partners and professionals. "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success"



Everybody within our business must have the courage to speak up and speak out, the courage to innovate, the courage to be creative, the courage to be bold, the courage to make a difference.



Everybody within our business must operate with honesty and integrity from the outset. We must be honest about any mistakes we make. We must all possess and demonstarte the quality of candour. It is our duty in care to operate with candour.



We must ALL be empathetic. We must be able to understand and share the feelings of others, have an affinity with, build a rapport with and be sensitive to our service users and colleagues.



Our business wants every one of our colleagues, at all levels, to be determined from the outset. We want our colleagues to be positive and motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.



We must provide a reliable, quality focused, continuous and consisten level care to all of our service users. Those that require our care rely on us to provide that care no matter what. We must also be reliable and dependable for the benefit of our colleagues and the business.



We want to create a positive environment for all of our colleagues to work within. We want our colleagues to be positive and proud about the company they work for, positive about the people they care for and positive about the difference they make every day.



We want everybody to start off and remain highly motivated within the business. We will work with our colleagues, service users and health and social care partners to maintain a motivated working environment.