Therapies at Home

We understand the major pressures placed on the NHS to discharge patients quickly but safely and appreciate there are limited resources available to ensure patients needs can be fully met from the moment they are discharged through to being able to cope at home on a day to day basis.

Sometimes a patient / service user is going home for the first time in weeks if not months; what were familiar surroundings may now have become unfamiliar and lead to them being disorientated and even fall. Our approach will reduce admissions/re-admissions.

What the Boomerang Healthcare Team can do to help:

  • Involve our own Physio and Occupational Therapists in the discharge planning
  • Carers guided and monitored by qualified Occupational Therapists to deliver patient centric Occupational Therapy plans in the home as part of their daily routine
  • Provide the patient with a full ‘Hospital to Home’ package including collection in our own Ambulance, settling in of the patient/service user into their home, have their carer present and ensure the care plan includes the required Physio and Occupational Therapy to avoid re-admission
  • Carers guided and monitored by qualified Physiotherapists to deliver patient centric Physiotherapy plans in the home as part of their daily routine
  • Therapies supporting Dementia – Cognitive Rehab, AR and VR Solutions, Talking Therapies
  • Holistic Therapies made available to service users at home

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