Update on COVID-19

With recent press coverage in mind, we appreciate Boomerang Service Users and their families will be concerned due to the ever-changing current situation relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic.

Therefore, we are contacting our Service Users and families to assure you we are taking appropriate measures. We’re taking all of the necessary and appropriate steps to deal with the risk associated to COVID-19 in a homecare setting. This is in line with the recent guidance from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Public Health England (PHE) as well as our robust Infection Control Policy.

Since the spread of COVID-19 was first reported, our staff have been following strict procedures. These being around hand cleaning and infection control. They’re are in line with our Infection Control Policy and guidance from the NHS.

All care staff (operational and support) have regularly been briefed and kept updated about the virus. The updates have been face to face, email by Boomerang Healthcare and mailshots from the CQC. Over the weekend we were provided with updated guidance. So, we will be issuing our staff with additional information today.

Certain tasks may require our care staff to wear Personal Protection Equipment. These could be masks, eye protection and sleeve covers. These will only be used where necessary and where recommended by PHE.

What to do if Covid symptoms become apparent?

None of our staff or service users are currently self-isolating or affected by the virus.

Therefore, we would like to ask, if you or your family member become concerned or aware that symptoms become apparent that you inform us immediately. This is so our care can continue with adequate precautions taken by the care team.

Should you have any concerns or require additional reassurance please contact:

Nicole Page – Registered Manager on 03003 65 95 45

You will be updated as and when further updates are provided to us by PHE and the CQC.

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