Tracheostomy Care

Our tracheostomy care package is designed to enable individuals who have undergone the procedure to manage their tracheostomies at home. We understand that it can take time to adapt to a tracheostomy tube, and that tasks such as eating, talking, exercising, and keeping the tube clean and free of blockages can be difficult to manage at first.

Living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is easily achievable with the right support from our team of expert staff. You will be supported by a care team who are fully trained, and competency assessed to meet all the clinical needs of tracheostomy care and hygiene, ensuring the correct fit of tube ties, and emergency management, ensuring that care fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

We will always put you at the centre of your care and support plan, the care you receive completely revolves around you and your personal care needs, lifestyle, likes and interests.

It is built with instruction taken from yourself on how you wish your care to be delivered - we will discuss the options available and help you choose a carer you feel most comfortable with, and because we cover the whole range of flexible home care options, your support can easily grow and lessen if or when your needs change.