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As Team Boomerang grows, our ideas do too.  An important agenda item on our regular team meeting is;  ‘Boomies’.

This particular topic sees us discuss how we can ensure our Boomies are happy in their roles, that they are excited to see their colleagues, they feel at home in the workplace and of course deliver with heart to our wonderful service users.

We are in the business of providing care and we ensure that extends to the team.

One of our latest employee benefits is to introduce a ‘cash plan’ for the team. 

Our healthcare cash plan is an insurance policy that allows our Boomies to claim money back on many common health expenses such as:

  • Dental check-ups, X-rays and hygienist fees
  • Opticians costs including eye tests, spectacles and contacts
  • Therapies such as well-being and acupuncture
  • Chiropody
  • Specialist Consultations
  • MRI, CT and PET scanning

The policy also provides a 24 hours counselling advice line.  We are mindful of the pressures we have all felt during the COVID-19 pandemic and this benefit is there for our teams to access confidential advice, including stress related problems.

BMG Team

At Boomerang we care about our teams’ health and well-being.  With our employee benefit scheme, we enjoy an increase in motivation and morale and of course this is then felt by our service users.

Thank you to Employee benefits and business protection specialist, The Health Insurance Group.


Care Training

Care Training

Wooosh! What a month that was!

We made it! We have moved offices! Don’t worry we didn’t go far; we have expanded within the building.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We couldn’t have done it so swiftly and efficiently without help from some fantastic local suppliers here in the North East.

Thank you to:

  • Peter & Kate Anderson from ITC Service Ltd.
  • Rob at Unite
  • John-Paul Thompson from Mr Brightside Residential & Commercial Services
  • Bill Thompson from Micro Chem Direct
  • Tyne Tees Property Maintenance.

Boomerang Academy

This space allows us to expand our offering and create Boomerang Academy. The academy will see us train and upskill new and existing Boomerangers! We will be covering care training around the services we offer from General Care needs to Complex Care. Training in care is paramount to ensure our teams are constantly refreshing and learning.

Our focus is providing bespoke care, with the individual at the heart of the service. We will be training our new carers with this in mind.

Just like our wonderful local service users we have an extremely close relationship with our staff and our suppliers.  We are stronger together!


Our management team are available to offer support and guide you through the options available. So if you are considering home care, please Contact Us today to arrange an informal discussion. Or visit our Facebook Page.


We Care About Our Quality of Care!

A Great Care Experience

At Boomerang, we care about the quality of care. Before we launched Boomerang, we asked potential clients, the community and ourselves “what would make a great care experience?”

We kept coming back again and again to the word ‘efficiency’.

We talked about quality of care, ensuring we were client-centred and enabling the care team (by providing everything they would need, including time).  Each and every discussion, we came back to ‘efficiency’.

Because this is the key.  The more efficiently we can work, the better experience we can provide for our clients.



So, the next stage in this idea generation was…”HOW”.

To understand how, we broke down a carer’s day.  The preparation, the travel, the client experience, family interaction and feedback, paperwork, compliance, safety, PPE… our whiteboard was full!

We discussed our corporate values and everything we want our clients to feel when they have had a visit from a carer.  Whether that visit was Palliative Care, Therapies at Home or Respite care…the more efficient we could be, was the key to everything.

Once launched, we took this concept and invested in the latest technology and systems to run a paperless system.  Our carers have everything they need to be fully prepared for our clients.  Removing the time for completing forms and ticking boxes means we can spend more quality time with our clients.  Not more clients, quality time with clients.  This was extremely important to us.  This was a requirement fed back to us, pre-launch of Boomerang.

From past experiences, families had been very concerned about the quick visit approach and the likelihood that mistakes could be made with this time-poor pressure.

With this in mind we implemented an optional Family App.  This real-time solution allows family/friends/relatives to monitor and manage care of their loved ones remotely.

Instant access to the information you need.

Our scheduling system also allows us to instantly match our client’s care requirements with a member of the Boomerang team, based on availability, qualifications, skills and equipment.

Less paperwork, accurate administration, time rich visits, total quality and happy clients…thank you efficiency!


Our management team are available to offer support and guide you through the options available. So if you are considering home care, please Contact Us today to arrange an informal discussion. Or visit our Facebook Page.


We are an ISO 9001 Certified Organisation!

Our Re-certification for ISO 9001!

We are delighted to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001. inspection on 15th September 2020. ISO 9001 is the world's most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard. It ensures we meet the needs of the individuals we care for through an effective QMS. This was our first surveillance audit, so we’re incredibly proud to have passed! To become ISO 9001 compliant, we underwent multiple procedures that took place with Centre for Assessment.

The ISO certification is not easy to obtain, it is based on a three-year audit cycle. The initial audit takes place in two stages. Stage one is a review of documented Quality Management System. Then, stage two is the effectiveness of QMS and leads to certification. Also, Centre for Assessment is required to complete annual review visits over the next two years.


Why Having ISO 9001 is Important to Boomerang

As an organisation our aims are to meet and exceed the needs of the individuals we care for. Therefore, having our certification ensures us that the services we provide are meeting the needs of our customers. As well as giving us validation that the quality we provide is at a high standard.

At Boomerang, we understand the importance of the roles we have in people’s lives, so we feel as though it is important to ensure they feel safe and they trust us. Having our ISO certificate can give the extra sense of trust to go along with our key values. Our key values are at the heart of how our company is run and how our staff operate.

They consist of;

  • Loyalty
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Determination
  • Reliability
  • Positivity
  • Motivation

Find out more about our key values.

iso 9001 Twitter

Our management team are available to offer support and guide you through the options available. So if you are considering home care, please Contact Us today to arrange an informal discussion. Or visit our Facebook Page.


We’re Working With Far North Ltd!

Far North Ltd

Far North Ltd are delighted to be working on digital marketing with one of the leading Domiciliary Care Providers based in the North East, Boomerang Healthcare.

Boomerang offer short and long term care, as well as a rehabilitation service. Their staff provide all aspects of support to aid individuals' daily living. This can include preparing meals, personal care, managing medication and general domestic support.

Far North Marketing Lead, Mischa Steele has compiled a year long digital marketing strategy based on moving up the search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing Twitter

Boomerang's Values

Boomerang formed in 2019 and has very quickly built a reputation for reliability and honesty.
These values are also reflected in their commitment to their clients via their ‘10 key values’. Director Paul Tute states “they are at the heart of how our company is run and how our care staff operate”.

Boomerang aim to deliver the highest level of care service to their service user's. Far North wish to help them hit that, by exposing Boomerang to the North East via digital marketing.
Mischa Steele comments “Having met the management team I was instantly impressed at their level of empathy and professionalism. So, I left motivated to begin a plan focusing on Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing. As well as how we could ensure that Boomerang rise up the search rankings where they belong. I am excited to be part of their growth and have enjoyed watching the early SEO work we have completed impact the business so quickly."

Far North Founder Ian Farrar comments “As someone who takes an active role in this region I feel inspired that we can partner with Boomerang and assist them in their quest. Above all, they have a real passion for care. So helping to find them people in need of their extensive services is extremely rewarding.”

About Boomerang Healthcare

Boomerang services cover Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Paul Tute commented “Partnering with Far North allows us to concentrate on what we do best. Patients & Service Users are our priority. The team at Far North are always on the bleeding edge of sales and marketing techniques and strategies. Therefore, provides us great confidence that we will generate new enquires. This allows us to offer support to individuals who may be struggling with daily living tasks for a variety of reasons. Such as people with ill health or disability."


Blog by award winning Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Coach Ian Farrar, host of the chart topping Industry Angel Business Podcast.

Ian is also the founder of Sales & Marketing consultancy Far North Ltd.



With recent press coverage in mind, we appreciate Boomerang Service Users and their families will be concerned due to the ever-changing current situation relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic.


Therefore, we are contacting our Service Users and families to assure you we are taking appropriate measures. We’re taking all of the necessary and appropriate steps to deal with the risk associated to COVID-19 in a homecare setting. This is in line with the recent guidance from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Public Health England (PHE) as well as our robust Infection Control Policy.


Since the spread of COVID-19 was first reported, our staff have been following strict procedures. These being around hand cleaning and infection control. They're are in line with our Infection Control Policy and guidance from the NHS.


All care staff (operational and support) have regularly been briefed and kept updated about the virus. The updates have been face to face, email by Boomerang Healthcare and mailshots from the CQC. Over the weekend we were provided with updated guidance. So, we will be issuing our staff with additional information today.


Certain tasks may require our care staff to wear Personal Protection Equipment. These could be masks, eye protection and sleeve covers. These will only be used where necessary and where recommended by PHE.


What to do if Covid symptoms become apparent?

None of our staff or service users are currently self-isolating or affected by the virus.


Therefore, we would like to ask, if you or your family member become concerned or aware that symptoms become apparent that you inform us immediately. This is so our care can continue with adequate precautions taken by the care team.


Should you have any concerns or require additional reassurance please contact:


Nicole Page - Registered Manager on 03003 65 95 45


You will be updated as and when further updates are provided to us by PHE and the CQC.


Army Reserve Experience Day

Following on from our visit of Catterick Garrison, the Boomerang Healthcare team had the priviledge of attending an Army Reserve Experience Day at Sunderland Army Reserve Center.

8 RIFLES hosted the day. They had the aim of the day to enhance workplace skills and support learning and personal development. In addition to this, give an insight into the diverse range of transferable skills that Army Reservists gain and develop during their service.

The day included a range of different stands. All were designed to give attendees a small insight into a day in the life of an Army Reservist.

Each stand included a different activity. Such as learning the shooting stances on the paintball range and building bridges using the cantilever method.

A really interesting day for the team helping them to gain valuable skills to take back into the workplace.

Some pictures from the day are below:

Catterick Garrison Visit Phoenix House

Catterick Garrison Visit

Following on from signing an Armed Forces Covenant, we were invited to a tour of Catterick Garrison. Lt Colonel Andy Black, of the Royal Engineers, and Laura, one of his Captains looked after us.

First, we visited the 1st ITB. We were invited into the DTCC (armoury and firing range), where we shot real weapons in a simulated environment – and yes, Nicole has the best shot groupings and is waiting for a certificate from The Army.

Then, we visited the education training centre. Major Sarah talked us through the simple to complex training they deliver to all ranks in the Army (up to Lt Colonel) around the world. Her and the team were getting ready to deploy into Israel to support the Israeli defence forces, to check and develop their training.

After this, we had lunch and met with the Colonel of the REME. They arrived with 4 armed guards, in two Land Rovers. This was part of an exercise to simulate a high ranking officer - being protected in a hostile environment.

After Lunch

Following lunch, we met the team of 5 Med. They’re the medial corps that provide health support during conflicts and, outside of conflicts, providing relief and support in areas of deprivation. They were checking and packing their equipment, in readiness to deploy to Mali. We also saw the kit they use, including the ration packs they live on when away.

Nicole and Skye sat in an armoured vehicle – pretending to be the driver and commander. So, they were in their element!

Next, we moved onto resettlement, where we met with the team. We had great discussions about helping service men and women transition from the army into military life, and how we can support them and their families.

Catterick Garrison's Phoenix House

Our final visit was to Phoenix House, a rehab and recovery centre, which left us all speechless. The facilities and support here is outstanding! Many poorly service men and women arrive here, and leave in a much better place – both physically and mentally.

Also, they had award winning woodwork shop there! Rocking horses, cups, masks and even a long boat, were all carved from wood. Bob Marshall showed us the work - he could inspire ANYONE.

We really enjoyed the tour of Catterick Garrison! In the future, we are definitely going to do more activities with The Army. These will also include the care staff in the future. 

Boomerang Baby Shower

Boomerang Baby Shower

We would like to congratulate Sarah on her pregnancy! Sarah is one of our first members of the care team here at Boomerang, and we're so proud and so full of joy that she is having a baby.


The first Boomerang baby since we went live in June 2019!


We don't do things by halves here at Boomerang and we like to get creative. So, we threw a surprise Boomerang Baby Shower!


Here are some photos from the day:

New Office - Office Sign

Boomerang’s New Office

Boomerang Healthcare have a new home! After starting our move slightly early, we have officially moved to our new office at BizSpace Design Works in Gateshead.


So, a few photos of the (almost) finished product are below:

ISO 9001 Boomerang Healthcare
Disability Confident Committed

Contact Info and Registered Address

Boomerang Healthcare Limited

Boomerang Suite

Design Works

William Street


NE10 0JP

Company Reg No. 11451584


Tel: 0300 365 9545

All calls are recorded for training and quality purposes

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