Neurological Care & Specialist Support

At Boomerang Healthcare, we offer Neurological Care & Specialist Support services to support people with progressive neurological conditions, acquired brain or spinal cord injury. All of our staff receive specific training and competency-based assessments in (which are not exclusive to the following) tracheostomy care, ventilator care, gastrostomy and complex continence needs, including catheter and stoma care.

The focus is always on the individual, developing a safe and tailored care package that enables independent living and support to achieve your desired goals and outcomes, whether that be at work, university or hobbies and interests.

We will always put you at the centre of your care and support plan, ensuring that the care you receive completely revolves around you and your personal care needs, lifestyle, likes and interests.

It is built with instruction taken from yourself on how you wish your care to be delivered - we will discuss the options available and help you choose a carer you feel most comfortable with, and because we cover the whole range of flexible home care options, your support can easily increase or decrease if or when your needs change.

Contact Us for any enquiries about our Neuroligical Care & Specialist Support services.